Monday, August 29, 2016

December 2013

We started off our December with Fort Family Fun Day! The kids got to skip school and we started our day with breakfast at Cracker Barrel. 
Then we went shopping. Each of the kids got $50.00 to spend on whatever they wanted. 
Next we had lunch at Mesa riverview. 
Then we saw the new movie "Frozen". (Notice Tate's new ASU hat. It was one of the things he got with his money)
Last stop was a visit with Santa at Bass Pro Shop. 
Joslyn got several treasures with her money. 
Jack got a cotton candy maker. 
We had such a great day together!
Jack had a fun soccer season. His favorite position to play was goalie. 
He loved having his buddy Nathan on his team. 
Joslyn did a great job at her dance recital. 
Tate did super in his band concert. 
Both Jack and Tate did awesome in their winter sings. 

We love going to see the lights at the temple. 
 We love making Christmas cookies too!
 We love opening Christmas surprises from Grandma Jeanene. 
We went to a fun Christmas party at the Tripps house and everyone got to sit on Santa's lap. 

 We got new jammies and are ready to see if Santa came. 
 Santa brought Joslyn an amazing kitchen. (Mom may have wanted it more than Joslyn)
 Jack got a fun Skylanders game for the Wii. 
 Tate got a super awesome RC car. 
 Love my happy Christmas Kiddos. 

 Santa was good to us!
 Nativity fun at Grandma Jeanene's. 
 Super cute "Build-A-Bears" at GramE's. 
 The Christmas loot! We are spoiled!!
 Trying out her 3D bubbles. 
We went camping in Superior for New Years. Jos was not happy to wear her brother's hand-me-down coat. 
She was apparently not happy about something else too, but Jaynie tried to help her feel better. 
Jack on the other hand was happy and willing to show off his moves!

Happy New Year! (We told the kids it was midnight around 9, and then put them to bed.)

Monday, September 21, 2015

November 2013

Jos made a cute Indian costume at school. 
 Joslyn's hair is sooo long! She gets comments on it all the time, especially when she wears it down. 
 Looking cute in the dress mom made. 
 Jack had a great time on his field trip to the AZ science center. 
Mom was glad she got to go with him. 
 We forgot to take pictures of Thanksgiving dinner, but this is the after dinner fun!
We love camping with our cousins!


Tate would love to have his own dirt bike. 
He swallowed his pride and rode this tiny one with training wheels. 

 Doesn't take much to entertain these kids, they are happy with mud, dirt and giant holes!