Thursday, January 31, 2008

January's over already?

I cannot believe it's February. Where did January go? I really had great intentions of posting to my blog at least once a week, but after doing all 12 months of 2007 in just a few days, I was burnt out, plus January was not too exciting for us. It was especially unexciting for me considering the dreadful event on the 11th. I used to think it was so funny to call John OLD because he was in his thirties - well it's not so funny anymore! Do I have to tell people I'm thirty if I really don't feel like I'm that OLD? All in all my birthday was pretty noneventful. The highlight of the day was getting a smootie with Ashley Rogers - thanks Ashley for putting a little excitement in my not-so-exciting day. I think I'd much rather be five and have balloons and pinata's and all the fun stuff - oh well life goes on!!!

We did have a great weekend up in Flagstaff at the condo. I stayed inside by the fire the whole weekend. When Tate wanted to play in the snow I volunteered John to play with him. I gladly took pictures from the porch and absolutely did not touch the snow - it was too cold, and I DO NOT LIKE TO BE COLD!!! The boys liked the snow, but liked the warm hot tub even more!

Jack found my mascarra. At least he knows it goes on your face. I was so glad it was on his face and not on my walls or carpet.