Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BEWARE: Major Update!!!

Nothing like playing in the irrigation in your underwear at Grandmas!

We went Memorial Day camping and had a blast as usual. Joslyn wasn't walking yet, but I decided to try not to think about how dirty she was and just let her go for it. She was absolutely filthy,but so happy! The kids are such happy campers and loved playing in the leftover snow and catching tadpoles in the pond (we actually still have one of them - I don't think it's ever going to turn into a frog).

Jack graduated from his first year of preschool - one more to go. He had such a fun year with all his buddies at Busy Bee's Preschool and we LOVED Miss Nicole!!

First swim of the summer at Aunt Janet's pool. Joslyn wasn't too sure, but now she loves it!

Jack turned 4!! We opened presents that morning and that evening we had a fun water T-ball party at the park with some of our favorite friends. Jack is bubble gum obsessed right now so he HAD to have gum for a present and gum on the cake - he really didn't care about anything else. Aunt Katie made the AWESOME spaceship cake - with LOTS of gum - it was so fun! And grammy gave him the king size dark chocolate candy bar - he was in HEAVEN. Jack has a major sweet tooth (wonder where he got that from?)!

John and I both got to girls camp again - and again it was WONDERFUL! We were the smallest ward with only 9 girls and 4 leaders - but with such a small group we had a close bond and the girls were wonderful to eachother!

Tate FINALLY lost his first tooth. He thought he was never going to. He was the only first grader at his school who hadn't lost one. I told him it's because he takes such good care of them! He was so excited for the tooth fairy to come that she had to wait until after midnight to deliver the cash!

All the kids had their first boat trip to Canyon Lake with the Kerbys. We had an awesome time and they all loved riding on the tube. We even took the little girls on a ride. Joslyn HATED the life jacket - she could hardly move. Otherwise we had a blast!!

I think this pic is hilarious! I don't know what happened, but I love how Allison and I have the exact same expression and wave going on - too funny.

We got to enjoy the 4th fireworks at the Diamondbacks game with the Petersons. It was a sad game (D-backs lost BIG time), but an awesome fireworks show!

Playing the Wii in his undies - blackmail.