Monday, December 31, 2007


These first few silly pictures are of me at a big fitness conference I attended. There was a 70's costume contest, so I did my best to represent. Unfortunately I did not win, but I realized it is not fun to work out in a giant afro wig (we had to wear the entire costume for a one hour cardio workout to be eligible for the contest). Oh well - I think I looked pretty good if I do say so myself. As a side note, the conference was for group fitness trainers of which I now am. I went to training back in June and I've been teaching my own step classes for a few months. I really enjoy it and hey - who wouln't love to get paid to work out?

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas. We had at least a couple parties every week the whole month of December. We are so lucky to have all of our family close by, and we're glad that Jason and Liberty were able to come from Oregon. The boys were so excited about all of the parties, traditions, and gifts, and of course they got way too many toys. I guess Santa doesn't know how to say no. Thank you to everyone who helped make our Christmas special and memorable.

2007 has been a wonderful year. We count our blessings daily and are so grateful for all that we have. We are excited to see what the New Year brings.


Tate finished out his soccer season with six wins. I wish I could say he was the star player but maybe he'll score a goal next season. He was so proud of his trophy (even though he didn't know what a trophy was until he got it). He had a great time and is excited to play again.

Jack loves playing with the spray bottle, even though it scares him really bad every time he shoots it in his own face. Not sure about Tate's hat, belt and sword combo - he came up with it on his own and decided I should take his picture.

We had a busy Thanksgiving I started it off running the Turkey Trot 10K. I ran with Ashley Rogers who is the YW Pres. in my ward (I am her second counselor). This was Ashley's first 10K and I think I've got her talked into running it with me again next year. Soon after the run it was off to Lunch at McDowell's then on to Merrill's for the Chapman feast, and we finished out the day with the Stratton Family reunion dinner. Needless to say - we ate way too much!!!


Tate started soccer this month and is really having a good time. He's glad his best friend Chayden is on his team, although if they're both on the field at the same time they just talk to eachother and don't pay attention to the game. His favorite position is goalie because it requires less running. His favorite part of the whole game is the treats afterward.

We went camping with the McDowells Conference weekend, and after several hours of four men working on the satellite, we finally got conference out in the woods.

We had a fun family day at Amazing Jakes riding the rides and playing the video games.

Tate's recent obsession with everything Star Wars inspired our Halloween this year. Tate was Master Obi Wan, Jack was the cutest Yoda I had ever seen, I was princess Leia - buns and all, and John was Darth Vader. We were quite a hit.


We went camping Labor Day weekend with the McDowell family. Jack loved riding the three-wheeler, and cried every time he had to get off. Tate had fun with all of his cousins, but especially liked riding the three wheeler and sword fighting with aunt Katie. John, Paul, Kelly, and Sara decided to do a little mud bogging - it was hilarious and they had a great time.

Tate started his second year of preschool and he is really enjoying his new school, new teacher, and new friends.


Not much happened in August, so I'll just show off pictures of my cute boys. I am so grateful that they get along so well MOST of the time.

Jack loves playing on my aerobics step and thinks he needs to be on it everytime I am.

Tate has a new best friend that moved in next door. He and Chayden cannot be separated. As soon as they come outside they run up and give eachother a great big hug. I'm glad we finally have good neighbors.

Thanks Ashley for the cute pics of the boys at Val Vista Lakes Pool. We had a great time.