Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cutest 2 year old - EVER!

I might be biased - but seriously - so so so cute!!!!
Helps to have an amazing photographer. Thanks Ashley!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

January & February

Kerby's invited us to their cabin, and introduced us to "Just Dance". We danced our fannies off, and laughed our faces off. It was a blast!

There was no snow when we got there, but we got some pretty nice snowfall for a couple days, and it was more than enough to keep the kids busy!

The princess turned 2!
Aunt Katie made the AWESOME cake and cupcakes. We are so spoiled to have our own personal pastry chef!
The icecream was delicious too!
There was lots of family to help us celebrate, and some pretty fun gifts too!
It's my party - and I'll throw a fit if I want to!
Get me outta here!
Gotta show off my new dress up clothes!
We are so happy to have Joslyn in our family. She definitely keeps things going around here. She's got all of us wrapped around her little finger, her brothers included, and she knows it. She is certainly the princess, and we wouldn't want it any other way!! We love you baby girl!

We spent New Years at the dunes. The pictures look like all of our other dunes pics - dirty kids, and lots of sand, but they're always cute so enjoy again!

Little Miss does NOT appreciate the fact that we have implemented time-out on the stairs.
But she does loved being chauffeured around in her cute pink car.
Marie decided to run another marathon. Why? Because she's CRAZY!
And because she thought the broccoli fields of Yuma would be a nice place to run. Somehow she talked some crazy girlfriends into doing it with her & she was so glad to have Tiffany and Diane there too!
Fortunately she wasn't picked up by any of the work trucks and busses that were coming from Mexico.
Where is mom? She should be here by now?! I was glad my hubby and kiddos were there to support me.
I finished in 4 hours 11 seconds. 20 minutes slower than hoped for, but still decent.
Now that moms done, we get to PLAY!
They had lots of fun activities for the kids after the race.

The benefit of running a small marathon? While not happy with our times, Tiffany and I got first and second place in our age division. WOOT WOOT! We got to stand on the podium and accept our medals and everything. So cool, even if it was Yuma.
I was there too, I should get a medal!