Thursday, August 22, 2013

March Madness

March was busy, but oh so fun! We continued celebrating Joslyn's birthday with an Ariel party for her friends and cousins. 

 We played pin the fin on Ariel
 We made beautiful bead and seashell necklaces. 
 We had an Ariel piƱata. 
 And rushed for the candy. 
We wore mermaid skirts that gramE and mom made. 
 We played in the backyard. 

 We had a mermaid cake, made by the fabulous Aunt Katie of course!
 And this little lady got SPOILED!
 During spring break Rachel and I took the kids on a day trip down to Tucson. Our first stop was the Zoo. It was a really nice zoo. The kids were able to get pretty close to some of the animals. 
 Feeding the giraffes was so much fun!

 Next we went to the International Wildlife Museum. It was SO cool! It had thousands of stuffed animals of every kind from all over the world. They really were so amazing!

 Our last stop was to Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch. It is literally off the side of the Highway on the way to Tucson. If you've ever seen it and wondered about it, you MUST stop there!
We fed donkeys 
 We fed deer
 We fed ostriches 

 We fed goats by running food up the pulley

 We also fed them thru the wall - these goats were CRAZY!
 We fed prairie dogs
But the best part was feeding the Lorakeets. These birds were so cool and would land all over us to get the nectar. The kids loved it! It was definitely a great trip to Tucson!

Jack had a few wiggly teeth this month. Joslyn wanted to take her turn trying to pull one out. 

 We had lots of fun celebrating Easter with family. We started with an Easter egg hunt at gramE's park. 

 Then Easter brunch with just the girls. 
 We went to the Easter pageant two times. The kids loved it, and we were so glad that our neighbors and Tate's school teacher came with us. 
 We had another Easter egg hunt with all the cousins at McDowell's

March was a great month!