Friday, October 28, 2011


I know our July was busy. I'm sure we did fun things. We just didn't take any pictures. Oh well!!!

Tate lost his 3rd tooth. He has come to the conclusion that the tooth fairy gives him more money when he pulls it out himself rather than letting mom do it. I have concluded that the tooth fairy must must have been short on cash that night.

Tate loves creating masterpieces with his legos.

Joslyn loves the tub. Even without water.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

June part 2 - CALIFORNIA!!!

John's parents took the entire McDowell family to California for a week at Newport Beach. All 25 of us stayed in one amazing beach house, and we all survived to talk about it!

We had a great time together, with one of the best days being our day at Disneyland.

The kids had a blast!
Joslyn was awestruck by Mickey!

The kids were such troopers even with the long lines and crazy crowds. I've never been to Disneyland on a busier day.
Couldn't pass up the sequin minnie ears!

Jack started fading around 10pm.
By the time the light show started, he had kicked Joslyn out of her stroller and was zonked!
But we were all still smiling at the end of it!
We didn't have the best beach weather (I never even got in. TOO COLD!). But Tate had a great time running in the waves with his cousins. Tate was smart and wore the wet suit.

Family pictures on the beach was quite the three ring circus, but after lots of bribes, several threats and a few tears, we got some decent shots.

We got this awesome mustache out of a candy machine. Somehow we are missing the pics of the boys with theirs, but we were all laughing our heads off!

It was an awesome trip!!

June part 1

Jack turned 5 HOORAY! We celebrated with family and Jack was sooo happy that Aunt Katie let him help decorate his chocolate snake cake. Jack go some fun gifts including a hand held v-tech video game which he call his "DS" (he thinks it's a nintendo DS, but mom and dad are too cheap to buy him one of those), a crazy remote control car from grammy that lights up and flips over, but his favorite gift was the gum from Joslyn. Simple pleasures! Oh to be 5 again! We love Jack and are so glad he is a part of our family. There is never a dull or quiet moment with Jack around. Some of his favorites at age 5 are:
Colors - red and blue
Foods - hot pockets, cheese pizza and cheese hot dogs
Drink - soda
Dessert - gum
Song - Dwarfs silly song (from Snow White)
Thing to do - play my vtech and watch a movie
Thing to do with dad - go to the movies
Scripture story - David and Goliath
Thing to do at school - go on the swings
Chore - clean the downstairs bathroom
"I like to learn about animals and I want to touch animals. Only the nice animals."
What do you want to be when you grow up? "An astronaut or a ninja"
Where do you want to go on your mission? "Nowhere cuz I don't wanna get married. I'm not going a mission with girls."

Jack and mom went on a birthday lunch date to Red Robin. The chocolate sundae was the best part!

Joslyn got creative with her snack and found the perfect trail for her animal crackers.