Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Must Share the Cuteness!

Totally out of order, but I must share the cuteness of Joslyn's 3 year old pics by the amazing Ashley!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

December - the first part

We had a wonderful December. Yes it's the month of craziness and stress, but it's also the month of parties, family and FUN!!

We got to sit on Santa's lap at a parking lot party that a local bank was throwing to promote themselves. It was quite a good party with breakfast, cookie decorating, bounce houses, Santa and Snow. Best part....it was all FREE!
I want a nintendo DS or a spy net video watch.
I want the exact same thing as my brother.
I want a pink present or a barbie house.
Gotta love green frosting.
And sprinkles galore!
Whoa! This snow is cold!!
We can make it snow!
My fabulous friend April helped me make this AWESOME wreath for the Fort/Abel gift exchange. I thought it turned out great and was sad I didn't also make one for myself. Next year for sure!
Joslyn loves to color. I typically only let her use crayons. This is why.
The pinata party at Grandma Chapmans continues to grow, and never disappoints!

We went to Williams, AZ to ride the polar express with all the McDowell cousins. We had never done it before and the kids were so excited. Tate told me several times, "Mom, I can't believe we're going all the way to the North Pole. That's not even in the United States!"
As soon as the boys were out of the car they were in the snow. They loved it. Me, not so much. I really hate being cold. Jack doesn't appreciate being cold either. Or maybe he just doesn't appreciate that if he throws snow at someone, they're going to throw it back at him.
The little town of Williams goes all out to decorate for the thousands of visitors that come each year to ride the polar express. It was all so cute!
Tate had a little visit with Mrs. Santa. I asked him if he wanted to, and he said no. Then out of the blue I look over and there he is all by himself just having a chat with her.
On the train getting ready to go.
We had yummy hot chocolate, and not so yummy cookies.
The kids were so excited to see the North Pole. Grandma Jeanene got all the cousins matching jammies. They all looked so cute.
Santa gave each of the kids a big silver bell. They were in heaven!

The next morning we went sledding. Jos and Andie loved eating the snow.

Jack got cold again and was not happy at the end, but all in all it was a wonderful trip!