Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Fun and Busy May

Joslyn had her first two dance recitals. First was her Tumbling Extravaganza. She did a little dance and then got to go around showing off all her tricks, including somersaults, cartwheels, and balance beam. She was so excited to get awarded with a medal at the end. So fun!

Getting beautiful for the show.
 She LOVED getting make up on!

 Next was the Dance recital. You had to be there to fully appreciate it, because Joslyn didn't just do the dance, she sang the entire song VERY LOUDLY! We are so proud of our cute little performer.

 All her cute little dance friends were so excited and just hugged and hugged.
Tate earned his Wolf Award in Cub Scouts. 
 Part of the tradition is "Wolf"ing down a treat. He was so excited to do it, but then remembered that he really doesn't like chocolate. He was a good sport.

I got to help at Jacks last day of school party. We played some outside water games and then had some fun games and treats inside. Jack was glad to have me there with him. 
 Jack with the class pet - Princess Leia the lizard.
 Jack and the most wonderful kindergarten teacher ever!
Thank you for a fabulous year Mrs. Bornowski!!!
Memorial Day camping was wonderful! We love getting away to the mountains!
 Do I have dirt on my face?

 Tate and Matthew made this from some sticks and put it on their best quad jump ramp.
It says "T + M =R", which they told me meant, "Tate + Matthew = Ride". They rode the whole weekend and had a blast!
 Jos got sick the last day of the trip and was sick for several days. Poor baby!
We had a fun, busy and wonderful month!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


We started our Easter weekend with an Easter egg hunt at Harmony Park. Jack was NOT happy about the egg limit, or the fact that he had to wait for the little kids to go first, cuz now he's a big kid. Stinks to grow up!
 Joslyn was thrilled with every single egg and tried to only pick up the pink and purple ones.
 After the hunt we had a girls only Easter brunch at GramE's. The girls loved the hats and gloves.
 Another egg hunt Easter morning at home.
 Then dying eggs as a family.

 Then off to church to remember the reason we celebrate Easter.
 And one more egg hunt with the McDowell cousins.
 No egg limit at Grandma Jeanene's. I'm loading up!

 All the McDowell Cousins = fun & craziness!!
 Joslyn finally got a big girl bed - long overdue. She was still sleeping in her crib. Marie decided that Jos NEEDED to have a hot pink bed. Doesn't every girl? And since I know a good painter, dad obliged. We didn't think Joslyn's room had enough color anyways.
 This was just the first night we got the bed set up. She now has cute pink sheets, and a darling quilt with frogs and butterflies (she picked it out herself).
 Tate turned 9. I really can't believe he's that old!
 He got a slingshot, new scout stuff and a fancy new bike. (forgot to get a pic of the bike - oops!)

 Aunt Katie made a yummy Star Wars cake, and gramE gave Tate LOTS of lego sets. Tate is a great big brother, a hard worker and very tender hearted. He loves legos, playing the wii and reading. He is a good friend and a happy boy. We sure love him!