Saturday, June 2, 2012


February was all about princess Joslyn.  I convinced John that it would be more economical to take Joslyn to Disneyland before her birthday so she'd still be free.  I finally talked him into it, and we invited Aunt Katie to join us on a FABULOUS girls trip!!  Joslyn was so happy the entire time. She loved riding all the rides and seeing all the characters. I think katie and I had just as much fun as she did. I think we'll have to make this a girls tradition!!

 Mickey came right up to her before the parade started. He kissed her hand and she kissed his nose. It was so cute! She talked about it for weeks.

 She sat so still while she was getting her face painted. She was so excited about it and it looked adorable!

 She got to pick out her own prize, and she chose a set of princess dolls. She was the happiest girl and couldn't wait to open them.
 We stayed with Uncle Larry and Aunt Barbara. They were such wonderful hosts, and Joslyn loved playing with their dogs Heidi and Hilda.

Good morning birthday girl. Can't believe you're 3!
 A princess chair from her brothers, and puzzles from mom and dad.
 Her birthday party started at the park, but got way too windy, so we went to grandma Elaines with all the cousins for pizza, cake and presents.
 She absolutely loved the barbie princess cake that aunt Katie made.

 The next day her best buddy Shea came over to play and gave her a Rapunzel doll and dress.
 Joslyn had a fantastic birthday month!


Either our January was pretty uneventful, or I just forgot to take any pictures that month? I did have a birthday which was spent in bed with strep throat - bummer! Other than that, January was 5 months ago and I can't remember?! Oh well!

Joslyn loves to paint, color, and do crafts. 
 Tate had a piano party with GIANT pizza's afterward. He's been playing the piano for about six months and has a love/hate relationship with it. Hate's to practice, but loves that he's actually leaning to play.