Friday, December 17, 2010

Quick Catch-up before Christmas Craziness!!!

We have had horrible, horrible, computer luck the last few months. We are finally up and running - sort of - we are missing some pictures, having hard drive and sound issues, but we'll get it all figured out eventually. I had to post something before all of the excitement of the holiday overwhelms us. But now I must go pack. We are leaving to CA in less than 2 hours.

DECEMBER - so far....
Decorating helpers

Tate lost his second tooth. He pulled it out himself and was so proud!

Cutest reindeer EVER!!

Enjoying an 80 degree December day at the zoo.

Tate totally rocked his Christmas concert and even had a special dancing part.

Sleeping Beauty

Tate had another successful soccer season.

Jack had an unfortunate fall-in. Supposedly he was washing his hands!?

Marie ran the St. George Maraton improving her time by 40 min from her first marathon.

We let our kids play at Amazing Jakes from midnight til 3AM for the Stratton family reunion.

We had a blast at the State Fair enjoying the demolition derby, greasy food, dirty petting zoo, crazy rides - always so much fun!

Halloween Fun at the Ward Party.

Labor Day Camping trip - which gets bigger and better every year. This year with McDowells, Lintons, Mortensens & Roundys. 50 plus happy campers!!

Jack started his second year of preschool. This year with Ms. Kerry.

Joslyn is a total climber. She climbs up onto everything!

Socks on hands = fun, then confusion, then frustration!

Tate started 2nd grade and LOVES his teacher Mr. MacLay who is in our ward, lives around the corner, and whose son is one of Tate's best buddies.

Joslyn wants to do it herself!

We spent a weekend at the AZ Grand Resort for Lots of fun and WATERSLIDES!!!

Yes - that is a bite mark on Joslyns forehead - it happened at the gym.

Tate hosts his first lemonade stand - total earnings - 50 cents.