Sunday, June 1, 2014

July 2013

I am now a full year behind on this blog, but I am determined to catch up, so here's July 2013....

We had a fun 4th with all the McDowell's at Uncle Greg's House. Tons of food! Lots of fun!
And cute kiddos too!

Jos got to go to a cowgirl birthday party for Avery Hatch. She looked super cute!

There was a store in the mall that had some military stuff on display.  The kids thought it was super cool to hold the bazooka.

 Not summer without a Lemonade stand. Tate and Brady were the brains behind the operation. Due to  low sales, Jack and Jos became the customers.

 More fun at the Arizona Science Center.
 The weather room is one of their favorites!

 Trying out the AWESOME new swing set at Grandma Jeanene's.

 Good times playing Just Dance with cousins.

 They wanted to see if the lego boats they built would actually float. Not much room for the boats with three cute kiddos!

 Jos got to ride a horse for a few minutes at the Stake Pioneer Day Celebration.

 Our big event for July was a camping trip to Big Lake with the Mortensens. It rained almost the entire trip. We were camped in a meadow that I'm sure would have been lovely, had it been dry, but it was a SWAMP! We were camped in standing water all week. The kids had wet feet no matter what we did. We tried plastic bags with no luck. John and Chris drove around for hours searching for rain boots with no luck. We thought about going home early several times, but were certain the rain would stop and things would dry up, so we stayed, and it never stopped, or dried. It was a wet, muddy week that we will always remember!

Just moments after these lake pics were taken, the sky turned black and it poured soooo hard for hours!

 Just a sample of the swampiness we were camped in.
 With all the rain and mud there were tiny frogs EVERYWHERE! The kids had the best time collecting them, and one night caught over 100 of them.
 The kids had a great time shooting off water bottle rockets with some friends we met up there. They all had fun exploring the stream, catching critters, and getting muddy.

 The man with all the tools kept the fire going for us, even with wet wood.
 We had to do the smores over the grill though because it was raining too hard. We stayed halfway dry under the canopies.

 We made a white-trash clothesline in the trailer, but it was pointless. It was so damp, nothing dried.

Despite all the mud and rain, we had a fabulous time! I must say, I am SOOOOOOO grateful to have a trailer!!!!!