Sunday, August 14, 2011

More May - Memorial Day

We love camping!
It seems like at least every other time I post on here, it includes camping pictures. I guess we're just a camping family, and ever since we've had the trailer....I don't mind it a bit!
We love playing with the cousins!

Joslyn loves her Uncle Brent!

We love all the yummy camping food!

We love shooting daddys guns!

We love getting dirty! (mommy loves that there's a shower in the trailer!!)

We love being silly in the trailer, having a reason to wear our warm jammies, and having awesome morning hair!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


May was a good month!
I really don't know how it's possible that my little boy is old enough to be baptized! I can't believe it but it's true. Tate was baptized and confirmed by his dad on May 14th. It was a happy day. Most of his aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandparents were there. Uncle Jason even flew in all the way from Oregon to be there.

We are so proud of Tate and the good decisions he makes each day. He is such a good boy. He is a great helper around the house, and with his brother and sister. He works hard in school and is very smart. He loves going to primary and always is doing really well with his scripture reading. We are so pleased that he chose to follow Christ's example and be baptized.

Grandma Elaine and Papa Milt got him new scriptures for his baptism, and John and I had a scripture case custom made for him. It is engraved leather with a picture of Christ on one side and King Noah and Abinadi on the other. It is soooo cool.

Jack graduated from his second year of preschool. His teacher said he is a very creative boy. Very smart, and a leader. We hope he continues to be a good boy!
He was happy at the beginning of the graduation.
Then it started to get a bit long for him.
His smile wore off pretty quickly.
Then in true Jack fashion he started acting silly.
He was happy again when it was over!
And was so glad to have his brother and sister there to congratulate him.
But this is what he really came for. It was all worth it for the doughnuts!

Tate loved 2nd grade! He had the best teacher ever! He is really going to miss Mr. MacLay, fortunately he just lives around the corner, so Tate can see him whenever he wants. I got to help with his last day of school party, and the kids had a great time playing games outside and eating pizza at their desks.

Jack and Joslyn both took swimming lessons during April and May. They had a love hate relationship with it. Jack got kicked out of the class for his age group and had to swim with the younger kids cuz he was being a chicken and a big baby. He finally braved up toward the end, and can totally swim by himself, but he prefers not to. He knows floaties are much easier!
Joslyn loved the first day, and hated the rest. She did learn to float on her back, swim to the side, and climb out. Hopefully next year will be much better!