Sunday, June 23, 2013


Daddy bought his little princess a Hello Kitty purse and filled it with snacks for Valentines Day. He sure loves his little girl. 

So Jack tells me I need to come to the kitchen - he has a surprise for me. 
The surprise starts with this note.
"Thank you Jack. That's so nice" I say. 
"No mom, pick up the note. The surprise is underneath."

This was the surprise. 
A beautiful happy family picture done with a permanent sharpie marker on the table. 
(the sun isn't permanent marker, it's ball point pen etched deep into the wood)
I was speechless. 
How do you get mad at that? 
We will enjoy it for many years to come. 

Snow in Mesa? Yep!! It was mostly hail and some snow and it looked so cool!

Our Baby girl isn't a baby anymore! Joslyn turned four. She had a great day celebrating! Joslyn is such a joy in our family. She loves her brothers and they love her. She loves going to her dance class and to preschool. She has lots of little girl friends and their favorite thing to play is dress up. Her favorite princess right now is Ariel. We love our little girl. 

Joslyn did a photo shoot for a little girls boutique called "Pout in Pink". She had a fun time getting her hair and make up done, and had no problem showing off for the camera. 


We went camping in Superior for New Years with most of the McDowells. The kids had a great time riding quads and digging in the dirt. We love spending time with our family. 

One night we drove all the razors into town for pizza. It was pretty fun!

 John moved with his company to a new big building. They celebrated with thousands of balloons. I took the kids to enjoy them!

Jack took a few minutes off from playing with the balloons for a relaxing massage. 
Joslyn got to go to Jambo for a fun birthday celebration for her cousins.

 Jack was having a hard time remembering to bring his coat home from school each day and actually lost it . After buying him a new coat, I told him that if he forgot it again, he would have to have timeout in the backyard without a shirt on. I hoped just the threat would be enough to remedy the problem. NOPE. Its a good thing we live in Arizona and not Alaska. I am such a mean mother!!