Friday, May 23, 2008

Two Years ago

Memorial weekend two years ago is when John decided our lives weren't exciting enough and he opted to spend his holiday weekend in the hospital. As I'm writing this I still cannot believe it happened. So here's a brief flashback of how our Memorial weekend went down two years ago.
10 PM - We arrive at Gilbert ER - John's symptoms: vomiting blood
11 PM - First blood transfusion
1 AM - Second blood transfusion
2 AM - Nurse tells me I need to contact family members - reality hits that I may become a single mother
5 AM - Third blood transfusion - obviously still losing lots of blood
8 AM - Ambulance transport to Maryvale Hospital ICU - We still have no idea what's causing the bleeding
10 AM - John has a violent reaction to a sedative, punches a nurse, and is restrained to his bed
12 PM - Finally sedated, receives an endoscopy to reveal a tear in his esophagus, it is glued and then clamped
1 PM - Fourth blood transfusion
9 AM - Fifth blood transfusion
10 AM - Moves out of ICU to a regular room
1 PM - Goes home
What a long and crazy weekend! So for now and for forever my Memorial Day Weekend will be when I remember the mercy of my Heavenly Father who spared the life of my incredible husband.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tate Says....

So here's the latest and greatest from the mouth of Tate.

Yesterday it was a bit stormy, and there were a couple of really loud bursts of thunder. Tate came out of his room and asked what it was. I told him that it was thunder, and that I love the sound of thunder. He replied that he did NOT like the thunder. He went back into his room, and the next time he came out he told me that the thunder had stopped, and asked if I wanted to know why it had stopped. Intrigued I replied, "Yes." He explained, "I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to turn it off and He did." To which I responded, "Well I like thunder." Without missing a beat he replied, "Do you want me to turn it back on? I can just say another prayer and turn it back on." We should all have that much faith!

A few nights ago in his bedtime prayer Tate said, "Bless me that when I turn 8 I can get bathtubbed." Normally he says bathtized, but bathtubbed is much funnier. John and I started cracking up, and the reverence was gone quite quickly. I sure hope Heavenly Father has a sense of humor.

Tate is responsible for cleaning his room and doing one other chore each day before he watches TV or plays video game. His favorite job is dusting because he can get it done in under two minutes. The other day I asked him to vacuum the tile downstairs - which he's done several times before. He whined and complained for about 20 minutes before he finally said, "Mom, I can't vacuum, it's exhausting!" I asked him if he even knew what exhausting meant. He replied, "Yes. It means tiring and I can't do it!" Call CPS on me now! I'm giving my 5 year old "exhausting" chores.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

We are so dang cute!!!

Ok - so first I get to brag about what a cute husband and cute boys I have, and then I get to brag on my wonderful photographer. One of my bestest friends Ashley Rogers took our family pics for us, and these are just a few of the awesome shots she got. Thanks Ashley for making us look so good!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tate is 5!!!

I've been holding off on doing a birthday post for Tate until we were finally done celebrating. His birthday was the 22nd of April. He opened presents that morning, went to In and Out Burger for lunch, and then Red Robin with both sets of grandparents for dinner - quite a busy day! On Sunday we celebrated again with birthday dinner at our house, more presents and a fabulous Star Wars cake made by Aunt Katie. We finally wrapped up the celebrating just this last Saturday with another party for Tate's friends. We played Star Wars games, hit eachother with homemade wrapping paper light sabers, ate pizza and cupcakes and had way too much fun. Needless to say, I am glad all of the festivities are finally over!

I am so grateful for my sweet boy and I really cannot believe he is five. He is such a good boy. He is so kind to his brother and they play so good together. He has a complete obsession with Star Wars right now, but loves to watch all movies. He says he wants to be a Star Wars guy when he grows up so he can be in a Star Wars movie. I really wouldn't be surprised if he does wind up doing something in the film industry, because he really is obsessed! My favorite thing about Tate is that he will tell me several times a day "I sure love you mom". I love him so much and am so glad he's mine!

When he first woke up he wanted me to measure him to see if he was taller because he's 5.

That night we had to measure again just to make sure.

Pictures of the kids party are still coming - stay tuned.