Sunday, January 19, 2014


We got a summer pass to the AZ Science Center. We had a great first trip and are excited to keep going back all summer. 

 This little Rockstar loves dressing up!
 We did two sessions of swim lessons at Brimhall pool. Jack did so good. Joslyn still doesn't love it. 

Our cute Jack turned 7. He got a new video game and a fish tank with some really cool glow fish. (All the fish died within a few days. We got more and those all died too. The fish tank was quite a bust!)
Jack is such a fun kid. He is full of energy and really keeps us on our toes. He knows what he wants and doesn't want and holds pretty strong when it comes down to it. He loves playing video games, and also loves to read. His favorite books to read are Geronimo Stilton, but will pretty much read anything he can get his hands on, as long as it has color pictures. We are so glad this sweet boy is part of our family!

We had pizza and birthday cake with some of the cousins at GramE's house. Aunt Katie made an awesome "Plants Vs. Zombies" cake. 

 The boys made breakfast in bed for John's birthday/ Fathers Day. 
 John thinks he's so funny when he does this. I just think he looks funny. 
 John got to go on an amazing hike with the young men. 


May was fun and busy, and we took lots of pictures to document it, so here goes….

Tate had some friends over for a birthday party. We ate pizza, played games, made some AWESOME Chewbacca puppets, and had a great time!

Jos decided she wanted her training wheels off. They were back on the next day. We'll try again another day!
 Jack got in trouble at school for lying to his teacher. This was the apology note he wrote to her. I'm so sad that he lied, but the fact that he lied so he could read a book kinda makes me smile.
 The boys did great at their spring sing concert. We're glad GramE, papa and Uncle Jason got to come enjoy it with us. 
 Jack - toothless and so cute!
My hubby and sweet kids always do such a good job making my mothers day special. I am so blessed to be a mom to these cute kids!

 Joslyn graduated from Ms. Nicole's Busy Bee's Preschool. She called Joslyn a little artist and said she really takes her time with all of her art projects. 

We begin the process of getting ready for Joslyn's recital. She actually had to go to a birthday party with the curlers in her hair so she would be ready. 
 The sacrifice was worth it. Look how cute I am!

All the cute little girlies waiting for their turn to go on. 
 Horrible picture, but darling performance. We sure love our little ballerina. She danced to 
 Her favorite part of recitals is having her daddy bring her flowers. 

She was also VERY excited to get a trophy for doing such a good job. 
Cute little dancers! And we love her teacher Ms. Alyssa!
Jos loves to dress up. Tutu, rain boots and head wrap always go together right?
 We celebrated the last day of school with a fun ice cream and pool party with some ward friends. 

 John took a trip to SLC with some friends for a prepper conference. 

 Last but not least, we had a FABULOUS Memorial Day camping trip. We are so blessed to have so many fun cousins, and LOVE spending time camping with them!