Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4th of July Fun

Better late than never! We had a great mexican feast to celebrate our American Independance! Thanks Paul and Sara for letting us use your pool. We all had a blast. We couldn't see any of the legal fireworks, but we let off several illeagal ones of our own. The kids loved playing with the sparklers, but when we made them run through the sparkler tunnel they thought we were trying to light them on fire.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cute, cute Jack

I had to post these adorable pics of Jack. The first few are of him and his cousin max. They got to spend four whole days together while I was at girls camp. My sister-in-law/cousin Sara was so kind to watch him for me. She said they played so good together, and she's decided that it was actually easier than just having one. Now she wants to have twins! Thank you so much Sara for taking good care of my little boy!

The rest of the adorable pics were taken by our fabulous photographer and friend Ashley. These were for Jack's two year old pics. He acted like a typical two year old and was not very cooperative, but when you've got a photographer like Ashley he doesn't have to behave to get great shots! Thanks a million Ashley!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Girls Camp

I've been back from girls camp for two weeks now and I still have two
bags that are not completely unpacked. WOW - that is LAZY! So it's
completely different going to girls camp as theYW President. Last year
I went, had fun, enjoyed my time - the end. This year I went, had fun -
and worried the entire time about every girl and every leader from our
ward. Not that I was worried about what they were or weren't doing. I
was just always so concerned that everyone was happy, and safe, and healthy, and having fun, and feeling loved, etc, etc, etc. I really had nothing to worry about because my camp director was fabulous and had everything planned perfectly! My cabin moms and YCLs rocked, and everyone had a blast. Despite a scraped chin, some broken teeth, and lots and lots of bug bites, everyone came home happy and having felt the spirit - SUCCESS!!!

Notice the orange pj pants. We made them before camp. Let's just say there was no mistaken who was from the Hawes ward!

Anslea and Jenna trying out a new style.

Gotta love bathroom duty!

John got to come up again to do the 4th year rappelling. He loved it so much he says next years he's staying the whole week.

The 2nd year hike was quite an adventure! I got to go on this exciting 7 1/2 hour hike, and they actually sent a rescue party to look for us. We were so filthy after a long hot day, hence the pics of the dirty faces and feet - those are my feet, and yes, I was wearing shoes and socks, both of which are now ruined!

Our ward's skit was the BEST! We did the Napolean Dynamite dance and the girls rocked it. We celebrated our success with a dance party in the cabin. The whole cabin was literally shaking!

The entire bishopric came up on the last day, and we really enjoyed the Bishop's teaching time, and being able to spend time with them doing service, playing games, throwing knives and having testimony meeting. If you're actually reading this you can ask about the knives.