Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween and Stuff

Halloween was way good times! We went as the Peter Pan crew with John as Smee, Marie as Wendy, Tate as Captain Hook, Jack as Peter Pan and Joslyn as Tinkerbell. We all looked pretty fabulous if I do say so myself. Please be very impressed that I made mine and Joslyn's costumes ALL BY MYSELF!!! This is the first time in my life that I have every sewn anything completely by myself. I'm so proud of myself, and was doubly glad that I could use it for my Young Women in Excellence project that I needed to get done!

Joslyn got her helmet last week. We are glad that this will fix her crooked little head so that she will be PERFECT;-)! It stared out plain white, but her daddy jazzed it up quite nicely with stickers and of course some bling. He wouldn't let me help - I guess I don't have the decorating skills!?

A couple weeks ago Joslyn was supposed to be taking a nap but I heard her in there messing around for quite a while. She was happy for a while and then she started screaming. I went in to check and found this. I guess that's why they say bumper pads are dangerous. So of course I took the bumper pad off. Within a few minutes she had her leg stuck between the slats! So I guess our options are: strangulation by bumper or broken leg from bed slats!?

This is just a cute pic of her bouncing on her horse and her cutely painted bedroom wall in the back ground - we were afraid of using too much color - ha, ha!