Friday, April 24, 2009

3 Cute Kiddos = Busy Mom!

Has it really been five weeks since I last posted!? I really can't believe it. Joslyn is eight weeks today! HOLY COW!!! She is such a good baby. She has slept through the night six times - I know I'm spoiled. Twice I put her to bed at 10PM and had to wake her up at 7AM so we could get out the door to take Tate to school. What a good girl. The boys are loving her and are so sweet with her. Here are some cute pics of all my kiddos from the last few weeks.

Joslyn likes to be wrapped like a burrito still, but in this pic she managed to wiggle and kick enough to almost pull her jammies off with the blanket.

My son is so creative!

Doesn't every little girl need a dolly, even if it's just to suck on?

My sweet angel girl.

Do you think we can pull them up any higher?

Loving on his little sis.

How do you take your nap?