Monday, October 8, 2012

June - How long ago was that ;-)

June was busy and good! These pictures are only a small representation of the good times, as taking pictures of important events is something I seem to have a hard time with?  I'm working on it. 

Jack was insistent that he needed a picture of this very cool bear stump at the corn and tater party. We love going to the corn and tater party at Great Uncle Jack's every summer. And if you're wondering what the heck a corn and tater party is, it's just that! We eat delicious home grown corn on the cob, and fried home grown potatoes, with fresh watermelon, garden tomatoes, and fresh baked cinnamon rolls. Oh yes, don't forget the giant troughs filled with sarsaparillas and orange bottled sodas. Best family tradition ever!
 Tate had his first formal piano recital. It was held in the chapel at our ward building so they could perform on the organ too. He did a great job! He "likes" the piano, but is just biding his time with piano, because I told him he needed to learn the piano before he took guitar lessons.

 Joslyn went to a princess birthday party with some of her friends from dance. She had so much fun, but had a hard time keeping her dress modest - still not sure what happened to the shirt she had on under it?

 Jack lost his first tooth just a couple days before his birthday. He was so excited about it, that he carried it around with him all afternoon, and then couldn't remember where it was to put it under his pillow. Not to worry, he wrote a very nice note to the tooth fairy.
 Dear tooth fairy,
I lost my tooth.
We are sad that it bleeded.
We hope that we can find it.
Love, Jack
 Good Morning 6 year old.
 Jack got some new fun games for his DS from his brother and sister.
 He got more presents that night when we went to dinner at Red Robin with GramE & Papa. The king size dark chocolate bar is always his favorite gift.

 Aunt Katie made an AWESOME monster truck cake for a party with his friends. We played games, had a piƱata, raced monster trucks, and even made our own monster trucks out of zingers and donuts. The kids had a great time.

 Jacks most requested item for his birthday was a dreamlites pet (pretty sure only because he'd seen the commercial over and over). So I ordered it. Payed way too much for it. (They now sell the exact same one at costco for just over $20). Anyways I decided it was worth it, especially when he got the package in the mail and was soooo excited. The thrill lasted a few hours until bedtime, when he decided it wasn't that cool, and Joslyn or Tate could have it if they wanted. Stinkin kid!!!

Also in June......John and I were the Directors for our stakes 4th year girls camp. We hiked and hiked. We ate MRE's. We slept under the stars. We had a girl air evac'ed. We didn't get to go repelling. We did get to go canoeing. It was fun. It was challenging. It was stressful. It was wonderful. We felt the spirit. We were blessed with miracles, and we all survived. And I didn't take a single picture - good thing the stake photographer did, but I don't have any of them.

And we must not forget that my husband had a pretty important birthday in June. Again no pictures. Also no party. He threatened that he would go out of town if I threw him a party. So I didn't. We did go out to dinner with some friends. And I did get him a watch he'd been eyeing at costco - a BIG, black heavy diving watch that must be called a diving watch cuz if you fall into water with it on you will definitely sink! He loves it. And I love teasing my old man about his age ;).