Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Human? Alien? Adult?

So the other day we were on our way to my sister-in-law Rachel's house for her to give Jack a hair cut. Tate's friend Jackson was coming along with us and Tate was explaining to Jackson who would be at Rachel's house. He told Jackson, "The baby is Carsyn, and the human is my Aunt." I'm pretty sure he meant to say adult, but human works too!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tate's Journal Entry

Last night Tate decided that he wanted me to help him write in his journal because it was his last night being four years old. It's usually torture to get him to give me even a few words to write down, but last night was a different story. Here's what he had me write.

"I hope that I will have fun at my birthday and um, I hope my grandma that she will have fun tomorrow night. And bless Chayden that he will come home safely. And I hope that Gage, that he will have fun at preschool. And I think when I was 3 or 4 we went to Disneyland. And I hope that daddy can go to church next week. And I hope that Chayden, that he will play with me when he gets back from his trip, in the driveway. And I like the zoo. And I hope Hailey that she will come home safely. And we bless her that she might be 6 or older than me when she comes back from her trip. And I hope that mommy and daddy, that they will sleep well tonight. Bless Jack and me. And I hope that Maisy sleep well tonight. And I hope daddy, and I hope me, that I will feel better. Bless my cough to go away (forced cough, cough). And I hope that my ball doesn't get in the street. And I hope that the still small voice will tell me "Don't go in the street." I hope he will tell me that if I don't look both ways. And I like my toys. And I hope we will have a good birthday for me. And that's all."

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Conference Camping

We enjoyed watching conference in the mountains so much last October that we decided to go for round two last weekend. We camped just 13 miles east of Payson so it was a nice quick drive, but the ride home was a completely different story. The B-line was closed at the Bush Hwy turn off, so the back up was horrendous!!! It took us two hours to go about 30 miles - totally ridiculous. Despite the long ride home, the runny noses and coughs the boys developed, the sunburns, overeating, excessive dirt, and my nephew falling in the fire pit and being rushed to Payson ER - it was a great trip. The boys had so much fun getting filthy dirty, riding the quads, and playing with their cousins.

Notice the TV to the left of Tate. You can vaguely make out the MOTAB - see we really did watch conference!

Cute dirty face kid!

Play time.

Nap Time.

Time out is never fun - not even in the mountains.

Jack and cousin Max in the hammock

Max, Jack, Matthew and Tate watching Elmo's world in Aunt Sara's trailer

Jack likes to pucker his lips when he says words that end with a ch or sh. In this picture he's saying "lunch".

Are these my true feelings about camping?

New hair style called too much fun on the quad!

The best part of camping? Non-stop eating!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Let's Play Ball - Even If You Don't Want To!

Tate started T-ball a few weeks ago, and still isn't convinced that it's his thing. Let's just say that almost every time I tell him he needs to get his uniform on he responds with, "I HATE BASEBALL!" To which I respond, "You are such a lucky boy to get to be on a baseball team. Some kids don't get to do fun things like that." Life is really rough when your parents make you do fun things. He's got two games every week for the next month and a half - maybe by the end he'll actually start to like it.

Fun With the Abbotts

We are sooooo sad that are friends the Abbotts are moving, but so excited for their new adventure in Virginia. We've been friends since before we had kids, and Tate has been friends with their daughter Hailey from the begining. Hailey has always loved giving him hugs even though Tate was a bit shy about it. But I guess Tate finally decided hugging girls was ok, because before we went to the zoo he told me, "Mom, I'm going to hug Hailey today. It's ok to hug boys and girls". Funny kid.

We took the kids to Amazing Jakes for a final goodbye to the Abbotts. Tate and Hailey had a blast together, as they always do, and gave each other several hugs before saying goodbye.

John was a good sport and went on the rides with Jack. I did go on a couple too, I just didn't let him take my picture while doing it.

Good luck with everything Abbotts - We'll miss you!!!