Sunday, June 26, 2011


Tate the GREAT turned 8!
Some of Tate's favorites at age 8:
color - red, yellow, blue and black
Food - hot pockets
Dessert - vanilla cake
song - You Are My Sunshine
Movie - Star Wars-Attack of the Clones
Things to do - ride bike, watch cartoons, and play legos
Best Friends - Brady & Carson
Tate is such a good boy. He is an awesome big brother. He watches out for his little bro and sis, and is pretty good at playing with them and sharing his things, except for his Legos! Those are so special to him, and he loves creating things. Tate is very tender hearted and shows kindness to everyone. He is an excellent student at school and has a creative mind. He really excels at math and memorization. We are so glad Tate is our sweet boy, and we love him so much.

We celebrated his birthday all weekend starting with a party for his friends on Thursday after school. I told him he could invite whoever he wanted, and he wound up inviting 30 kids! We had about 25 show up. Next year there will definitely be a limited guest list! The kids had a great time playing lego games, building with legos, hitting the pinata, and eating an awesome lego cake that aunt Katie made.

Friday morning Tate got to open his presents, legos (of course!), a lego shirt, and an easy bake oven - he's been wanting one of those for a while now. Maybe he'll be an expert pastry chef like his aunt Katie! He got to go to lunch with his Grammy Elaine - who he shares a birthday with, and then we all went to Red Robin for birthday dinner. What a fun day!

We continued the fun the next morning at the ward Easter egg hunt and breakfast. John made sure Joslyn had all the right strategies for getting the most eggs!

Joslyn and her best buddy Shea.

Sunday was a very nice day. We spent it remembering the wonderful atoning sacrifice of our Savior and being together as a family.
The kids were super excited to see what surprises were in their Easter baskets.

All ready for church.

Smile for grandpa!

Had to finish the day with one more Easter egg hunt at McDowells.

Who said the candy is just for the kids?

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Tate had track and field day at school, and I got to go and help. His favorite event was the obstacle course, and he liked getting wet in the water relay too.

Jack loves spending time with his daddy!

Tate got to race in the cub scout pine wood derby even though he wasn't officially 8. They needed an extra car to make the numbers even, so Tate quickly borrowed a car and was ready to go. Everyone laughed because his car was pink, but it wound up being the fastest car! He didn't get the 1st place award though because he didn't actually count. Maybe next year when he's official, we'll paint his car pink and hope for the same good luck!

We took the boys to their first drive in movie. We packed a picnic dinner, stopped at the store for a variety of movie candy, and then settled into the back of the truck. We saw "Mars Needs Moms". It was a pretty good movie, but snuggling with the boys while we watched it was the best! We will definitely do it again!

We went to the dunes with friends and family for spring break, and had a wonderful time! Tate is getting really good on his 3-wheeler and rode it from sun up til sun down. We had a nice relaxing time, and came up with some creative time killers too.
Cutest little dune princess.

What do you do when you get bored at the dunes?
Dig a hole.

See who fits in the hole.

Sit in a box, and wait for someone to drag you around.

See who can squeeze between the legs of a table, and realize you're not as small as you thought.