Saturday, December 29, 2012

October - Fall Break and Halloween

We had a great fall break and it was nice to spend some time together. 
The kids and I had a couple of fun outings together. 

We went to Jambo park, an indoor amusement type place. The kids had a great time, even though the two best rides were broken.  Oh well!

We also went to Schnepf Farms. It was so much fun. We actually went with Joslyn's preschool class but since the boys were out of school they got to come too. There was fun rides, awesome pig races, a stinky petting zoo, a very cool BMX bike show, miniature golf, face painting, and cute picture opportunities. The kids were very serious about picking out their own pumpkins. We got the very best ones!

The kids picked super fun costumes for Halloween. Jack made an INCREDIBLE hulk. Joslyn was the cutest mermaid I've ever seen, and I think she can totally pull off red hair! Tate was disappointed that he couldn't wear the Lego Indiana Jones head to the ward party, but was still a very handsome Indiana. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

September - Labor Day Camping

We go camping for Labor Day every year. It's become one of our favorite family traditions that we are glad to share with lots of family and some of our favorite friends too!

We eat yummy food!
 LOTS of it!

 We do fun crafts. 
The visors were a big hit. We did bead necklaces and bracelets too. 

 We shoot guns. 
John got both boys their very own BB guns. They were so excited! 
And fortunately no one shot their eye out.

 We take naps. 
 We go for rides in the razors and on the quads. 

 We fly the flag.
Tate was supposed to do this as a cub scout requirement. 
We forgot until we were already home and he was asleep and in bed. It still counts, right?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

August - Back to School & Stuff

John was some doing some work in Carefree and saw this awesome dude just wandering thru the neighborhood. I think he was really wishing he could take a shot at him with a gun rather than just a camera. 

My cute boys are getting too big. Tate is in 4th grade with Ms. Caves, and Jack is in 1st with Ms. Castillo. They go to the new Franklin at Brimhall campus. They are really liking it. They get to see each other at lunch, and sometimes at recess, and it makes my heart happy to hear that they give one another a hug whenever they do see each other. 

Jos is in her first year of preschool with Ms. Nicole.  She loves going to school even though she doesn't go to school with any kids she previously knew. She comes homes with the cutest crafts and singing the best songs. WE LOVE MS. NICOLE!!

So one afternoon, I put Joslyn down for a nap, and went downstairs to eat some lunch. After awhile I went upstairs for something. I walked into my bathroom and just about screamed in horror. Joslyn was standing there with brown stuff all over her mouth and face and her panties on the floor. My immediate thought was, "please don't let that be what I think it is!!!!" IT WASN'T - HALLELUJAH! Apparently she had gone potty, and before getting her clothes back on she got distracted by my make up. She obviously needs some lessons so as not to confuse the eyeliner for lipstick!
This is Joslyn's best buddy Shea. These two little girlies have grown up together and love each other so much!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

July Was Good - Mostly

We headed out on the morning of July 4th so we could spend the 4th and the whole week after camping at Silver Strand Beach in Coronado. We got almost to Yuma when someone flagged us down to let us know that our trailer was smoking. We pulled over. John investigated. NOT GOOD! We drove super, super slow to the nearest rest stop (just a parking lot for trucks - no bathrooms but still smelled like one!!) That is where we spent the rest of our July 4th holiday. Sweating to death on the side of the road. There were no parts stores open, so there we stayed until we were rescued by Paul and John Sr. the next morning.

We Finally got to the beautiful, yet a little cold and windy, beach where we would live for the the next week with the McDowell Clan.

We quickly learned that salt water, sunscreen and eye rubbing makes our children look as if they have been beaten.

We spent a fun day at Legoland. The kids love it there! The lines were pretty bad so we didn't get to do as many rides as we wanted, but it was fun to see all the lego creations and the water park was pretty fun too.

After church on Sunday we went to the Mormon Battalion museum. We met up with our friends the Bickles, who were staying at another beach nearby. We've been to the museum before, and it never disappoints. It's one of our favorite places to go in San Diego. 

We also spent a day at SeaWorld. The Shamu show was a bit disappointing, but everything else was fun.We loved the new Manta roller coaster, and the dolphin show. John discovered the all you can eat wristband, so his day revolved around finding places where he could take advantage, and he fully did! Seaworld got their payback by having a bird poop on Johns hand. TOO FUNNY!
A couple years ago when we went to Sea World, Jack wasn't tall enough to go on the Atlantis ride and he was so disappointed. He talked about it and even prayed about it for months after that. He was super excited to finally have his chance to ride it. But he hated it! He started crying after the first drop and continued screaming for the rest of the ride. Oh well. 

Just a few other pics from July......Jack helped Jos put this robe on, but couldn't find the belt for it so he just improvised with his Sunday belt. He was so proud of himself. 

Tate found all this gear in one of dad's storage bins at the property and had a great time getting all dressed up. He thought he looked super tough.