Thursday, January 12, 2012

October Part 2

Tate got to go to his first Cub Scout Day Camp. He loved it! I must say I really do enjoy my calling as a cub scout den mom. I know some moms are not to hip on this calling, but I like it. I get to work with Tate. After a year of this calling I'm starting to understand the cub scout program. The boys are at a great age where no matter what you plan for the activity they think it's awesome. Like last week we learned about keeping the earth clean and we picked up trash around the church - they loved it! Anyways, scouts is awesome and I'm glad Tate thinks so too!

I got real lazy about Halloween costumes this year. I waited until week of to attempt to figure it out. Fortunately for me, Old Navy marks down their costumes BEFORE Halloween, so Joslyn scored a cute butterfly costume for CHEAP! (Did you know SALE and CLEARANCE are my favorite words?)
Tate was insistent that he wanted to be the Luke Skywalker that trains in the swamp because he wanted to wear his Yoda backpack that he got at Disneyland this summer. We came up with what I thought was probably the lamest and most embarrassing costume which consisted of ace bandages, pants 3 sizes too small, and a cut up and spray-painted undershirt. He thought it was great, and asked me repeatedly if I thought he'd win the prize for best costume at the ward party. I'd respond "We'll have to see", but truthfully I was thinking, "Heck no! This is the worst costume ever!" I could not believe it when he actually did win one of the prizes for best costume. He was thrilled! I was shocked, but glad that his silly (expensive) Disneyland souvenir paid off!
We had a fun spooky dinner on Halloween night.
Dad pulls out all the stops for Halloween. Blow-up scary thing. Fog machine. Black lights. Fog bubble machine. Skeletons. Bones. Etc.

So glad grandma Jeanene had a firefighter costume Jack could borrow! He loved that it glowed every time I took a picture.

We had a fun Halloween!