Saturday, February 4, 2012


Gotta get caught up! Here's what we did in November....

The boys finished up their soccer season. Jack's team had a fun party at Peter Piper.
Tate's team had so much fun together. He had a great coach and loved being on a team with so many good friends.

Joslyn loves getting her tutu on for tumbling (which she affectionately calls "dance class"). She has a blast doing all her tricks. She loves the trampoline and rope swing most.

The kids and I went to an event at the Air Museum. They thought it was pretty cool crawling through the F16 bomber.

We went to the dunes for Thanksgiving. I really wanted to organize a yummy homemade dinner, but somehow we wound up at Golden Corral for the buffet. The kids loved having cotton candy for dinner. Marie was not so thrilled about it.

Tate lost another tooth before we went to the dunes. He wanted to wait to put it under his pillow until we went to the dunes. I think he was hoping the tooth fairy there would be more generous. Unfortunately he wasn't asleep when the tooth fairy attempted to deliver the money. The whole next day he told everyone about dad's mess up.
Getting dressed while at the dunes is optional. Everything gets sandy anyways!
These two creative boys sure do have a good time together!

And these little girlies are best buddies!

We loves smores in the sand!