Sunday, November 13, 2011


Our Labor Day camping trip was WONDERFUL just as it always is! We added a few new friends and families to our group totaling up to around 60 people. The kids had a blast riding the quads and getting filthy dirty. We all got our fill of yummy food and intense card games. Happy times had by all!

These crazy boys have so much fun together!
Later in the month......
Cute little Jos got sick but still looked adorable sleeping it off.
Joslyn stared tumbling class and LOVES it! I think mostly she loves wearing her tutu!
(the elephant is not part of the class, it's just outside of the studio and she loves to sit on it. Pics of the actual class are forthcoming!)
Tate and Jack are playing soccer again. Tate has really gotten into it and tries so hard to help his team be successful. He goes to school with all of the boys on his team and they have such a good time together.

Jack puts in a decent effort and looks forward to the treats at the end.

Tate's teeth continue to come out. He looks like quite the Tate-O-lantern!

Friday, November 4, 2011


We celebrated grandma Jeanene's birthday with a night at Amazing Jakes with the McDowell clan. Good times were had by all(even dad)!!!

The boys started school. Tate is in 3rd grad with Mrs. Hauskens and Jack is in 1/2 day morning Kindergarten with Mrs. Bornowski. They love their teachers and so do we. We have been really happy with Franklin and are excited for another wonderful year.

Tate is really enjoying cub scouts and was so excited to earn his Bobcat award.

Dad got to paint his face with Bobcat prints.