Tuesday, December 27, 2011

October Part 1

John and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a cruise up the east coast. We started off with a red-eye flight to New York and tried our best to see the entire city in one day. We did pretty good and saw most of the major touristy stuff, including gigantic rats in the subway!

We attempted to figure out the train/subway system. We did pretty good until we decided to try to use it to get back to our hotel at 1AM. We finally bailed and wound up paying a very shady taxi driver who dropped us off in the middle of the road across the street from our hotel? At least we made it back!
We saw Lady Liberty by riding the Staten Island Ferry out and back. Kinda fun, and free!
We saw all the protesters. What a mess!
This was all we got to see of the 911 memorial. We didn't know we needed tickets for everything else.
We took a pedicab thru central park at dusk. It was so pretty. I'd love to go back during the day.

We walked thru Grand Central Station. AMAZING! And also bought some of the most delicious chocolate cheesecake while we were there.
Of course we saw times square. CRAZINESS!!!
We did Empire State Building at night. The lights were spectacular and I am absolutely positive the building was swaying!!!
Leaving New York heading for New Port Rhode Island.

There were several tall ships in the harbor at New Port. They were so cool.

We visited two of the Vanderbilt mansions in New Port. They were incredible. You could fit our entire house in just the entryway. The design, wood, stone, gold and marble work were absolutely breathtaking! I wouldn't mind living in a house like that!

Our second stop was in Boston. We spent alot of time walking thru faneuil hall. We did a duck tour of the city which showed us cool places by land and by water. Our favorite part of that was the duck whistle they gave us at the end. (cheap thrills, and cheap souvenirs for the kids!) We ate at the Union Oyster House, one of the oldest restaurants in the US and then went at got a cannoli at Modern's pastry.

Our next stop was Bar Harbor Maine. John was especially excited as this area was part of his mission and he hadn't been there since his mission. We rented bikes and rode thru Acadia National Park. It was so beautiful. The leaves were starting to change and all the colors were amazing. It was really fun to bike too. I'd love to do that again!

Then we went for seafood at a restaurant that was right on the water. John opted for a whole lobster and ate just about all of it including an eyeball! I played it safe and had the lobster roll. All very delicious!

Our next two days we stopped in Canada. There wasn't much to do. It was pretty chilly, and it was in the middle of the week, so things were pretty dead. We wandered around some museums and shops and checked out some old ships, and then just went and hung out on our cruise ship.

We had a wonderful trip and have decided we definitely won't be waiting another 8 years to take our next cruise!!