Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finally - December - The rest of it!

The kids always get to open one present on Christmas eve.  It's always jammies.  But since they had just gotten new jammies from Grandma Jeanene for the polar express, they got slippers. They were thrilled!

Christmas morning. Waiting for the go ahead to come downstairs.
Checking out what Santa brought. For Joslyn, a new dollhouse with LOTS of accessories! Not sure if Joslyn or Mom are more excited about it.
For the Boys, nintendo 3DS's. Smiles from everyone!!!!
All dressed in Christmas pink for church.

This was the outfit Jack chose after church. Sure glad he likes his new slippers and his new 3DS.
Joslyn and her cousins got new tutu's, purses, and tiaras from GramE.
We love when Uncle Jason and Aunt Libby come to visit!
All the Christmas loot. We are spoiled. Absolutely spoiled!