Sunday, December 15, 2013

April - It wasn't that long ago was it?

April was awhile ago, but I'm determined to get caught up!
Jack lost a lot of teeth in April.
 Joslyn is very creative in her dressing up. I love the sword in the back of the pants!
 Jack will not pull his teeth out until they are barely hanging on and can pretty much be twisted completely around. 
 We flew a kite at the park for family home evening. It quickly became family home argument. 

 Jack proudly displaying his artwork at arts and academics night at school. 
 Tate really loves cub scouts and gets excited about all the activities. 
 More missing teeth. 
 Joslyn makes this face and in her scariest voice says, "I'm a zombie!"
 Good thing she can also look so pretty in her ballet class, which she LOVES!
 Tate turned 10. How is that possible? 
He got his first suit. 
 And an iPod. 
We celebrated with GramE and the Fort clan at Red Robin. 
 Tate is such a good boy. He tries hard to choose the right. He is a good friend to everyone and watches out for his brother and sister. He is really good on the piano and is starting to learn a little on the guitar too. He LOVES legos and riding his bike. 
 Joslyn and I went on a field trip to the dairy with her preschool. 
 She loved feeding and petting the animals. 

 Tate got acupuncture on his foot. He was so nervous and cry-laughed the whole time. 
 Joslyn enjoyed her blue cupcake at GramE's 60th birthday party. 
We sure are blessed to have such a cute family!!