Monday, March 15, 2010

Little Princess

I really cannot believe my little princess is a year old. It has been so much fun to have a little girl in our home, especially when it was totally unexpected.
I was certain I was going to have another boy - that's why we didn't find out what we were having. So when the nurses shouted "It's a girl!" I was totally and completely shocked, but oh so happy! The boys love her, John adores her and I am just having so much fun with her. I think the five of us together make a great team!
So here's a quick look back through her first year. The first couple (unprofessional) pics were at the hospital - the rest of the fabulous pics are by the AMAZING Ashley who has been so kind and has probably rolled her eyes at the number of shoots I wanted to do with my little princess. But here are just a few of my faves!
Brand New

Five Days

Three Weeks

Three Months

Six Months

Nine Months

One Year

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where Have We Been - BUSY!!!

John took the boys to the monster truck show. The boys were totally amazed and had a fabulous time!!

Joslyn had her last appointment at Cranial Technologies.

They have to put a stocking on her head for the 3D pictures - she loves that!

But she's done with her helmet - Hooray - Check out all that crazy hair that was hiding underneath!

New "BEE"ginnings turned out really good. I'm so greatful for the wonderful women I work with that make my job sooo much easier!

My friends at the gym talked me into running a 204 mile relay from Prescott to Tempe.
Crazy? - Yes!
Freezing? - Yes!
Did I run in the dark? - Yes!
Is that Dr Beck on my team? - Yes!
Awesome? - Yes!
Will I do it again? - Yes!

I'm finished with my part, now where's my cookie?

Our whole team crossing the finish line together.

Our little princess turned one - seriously cannot believe it! Joslyn is such a sweet happy girl. We have loved having her in our family. The boys are so good with her and are her protectors. She is pretty laid back and is pretty content as long as there are Cheerios nearby!

Awesome new boots!

New Years at the dunes.

Fun in the snow at the Flagstaff condo. I don't understand either!? Jump out of the hot tub and lay in the snow????

Sweet little helper.

Both boys are playing soccer. Tate loves being goalie. Jack loves the snack at the end. My opinion - 3 years old is too young for soccer!

Notice that in pic 1 Jack is no where near any other players or the ball. In picture 2 he is playing with the grass. Glad we paid money for this.

John brought home a trailer full of snow on Christmas Eve. I think we had every kid in the neighborhood at our house that day, and for at least two days after!

Santa was good to us. The boys love their new bikes!