Thursday, April 18, 2013


December was as it always is....busy, but wonderful!
We started the month off with the piƱata and pizza party at Grandma Chapmans. It was lots of fun, but the mood was a little somber with it being the first Christmas without Grandpa taking pictures. We sure miss him!
 I think this is supposed to be a shepherd costume for the nativity? Silly girl!

 John and I made these cute snowmen for the Fort/Abel gift exchange. We thought they turned out pretty cute!
 This was all the loot from the exchange party. Marie lucked out and got the coveted last pick of the night!  We got to take home the big black bench that everything is sitting on. Paul made it, and it is beautiful! 
 We had to document the process of getting beautiful for the dance recital. She's got sponge rollers under the shower cap. 
 She loves getting her makeup on, even if it takes a few tries to get the mascara!
 She was the cutest little candy cane and did an adorable dance to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". 

Jos was pretending to be a mannequin at the mall. 
 Another visit to the mall and a ride on the carousel. 
 We went to a fabulous Christmas party in the parking lot of a bank. We went last year, and decided we'd try it again. It did not disappoint. They go all out, and they kids love it!

 We are multi-cultural around here and gave a little nod to Hanukkah with the menorah Jos made at school. (I think it only lasted a couple hours before she started eating the marshmallows) 
 The boys did awesome at their winter sing concert, unfortunately the only pic we took was of them in the hallway after the fact. Oh well!
 John got asked to be Santa for someones Christmas party. He reluctantly agreed. I think he had a pretty good time, especially since many of the people that he knew at the party didn't recognize him. Our kids thought it was hilarious to see him dressed up. 

 Continuing the tradition of opening one gift on Christmas eve. 
 This robes!!
 I think they like them!!
 Christmas morning. Can we please come down?
 She's super happy with the new helmet. It goes with the new blue Cinderella bike, but who knows where the pic of that is? Christmas morning is always such a blur!
 But always so wonderful too! The kids got spoiled like they always do!
 And here's the loot! 
Tate's big gifts: archery stuff, including a big target & a guitar from his uncle Greg. 
Jacks big gifts: a green machine & spy gear
Joslyn's big gifts: Cinderella bike & LOTS of playdoh
Marie's big gift: a bosch (hooray!!!)
John's big gift: a BIG gun!

 Jos loves getting all dolled up with her new nails, polish and make up. She's quite the princess!