Thursday, May 21, 2009

White Dresses

I had to put it on one more time before.....

we did this....

and it became this!!!!

Yes - it is standing on the table by itself - so poofy!

Getting her ready for the main event. Thanks for the help Katie & Charlotte.

Our beautiful Joslyn Sidney.

Thank you, thank you to both of my moms who put so much talent and love into making her gorgeous dress!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tate is Six

Tate turned six on April 22nd. I know - I'm way behind schedule! I picked up McDonalds for lunch and took it to school to eat with him. That evening we went to Chuck E Cheese. We celebrated again on Sunday with burgers, cake and ice cream.
Tate is such a good kid. He is doing really well in school and is becoming such a good reader. He is playing t-ball again and almost enjoying it this year. The treats at the end are still his favorite thing. He is totally into Star Wars the Clone Wars right now and his second obsession is Legos, which John really enjoys too. I love my sweet boy and cannot believe he is six - makes me feel old!

Opening presents before school

When we left for school this is what we saw in our yard. Tate's good buddy Jackson Manning had left him a surprise! Tate was soooo excited.

Chuck E. Cheese = Lots of fun - Nasty Pizza!

Star Wars cake of course!